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This site was created originally to present my artistic works realized during the more than ten years time I lived in Scotland, where as a member of several associations and artists workshops, I had the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and craft fairs, appreciated by tourists visiting our region. (pages "Watercolour" and "Pastels").

After my return to Belgium, other occupations took my time and this activity was interrupted, except for a few occasional works, but more recently, I attended stages organized by the "Pastellistes Belges", and I contacted a local studio "Less'Art" : meeting other artists and working together with painters, ceramists, sculptors, have a stimulating effect and offer new perspectives : exhibitions, artists'circuits in the villages around : painting is now taking my time again (drawing, watercolour and mainly pastel), that's why I thought necessary to re-edit and renovate this site, giving my pages a more modern aspect.
I have kept also the information in relation to visiting Scotland and my "CONTACT" page gives more personal details and precisions concerning my paintings and other artwork (printing on computer, reproductions, prints, greeting cards).

The original galleries "WATERCOLOUR" and "PASTEL" show the paintings inspired by my life in Scotland ;
"2012-2016" page present more recent works and give access to the 2016 Gallery.

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Urquhart, Loch Ness.
July 2017